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Prediction of Dyslexia using Musical Elements and Visual Elements (Ph.D.)

Advisors: Ricardo Baeza-Yates , Luz Rello

Goal: The aim of this research is to show that a playful approach combined with music is able to predict the risk of having dyslexia. screenshot-2017-01-06-12-34-38
Early detection will prevent children from suffering in school until they are detected due to bad grades. Our envisioned web application will contribute to 10% of the population by giving them a chance to succeed in life and find their skills to impress the world.

The game might provide the child and the parent with a diagnosis of risk for dyslexia, give the child time to practice skills, gain confidence and has the chance to prevent the child from failing school.

We will announce the start of the study here.
The study is conducted in different languages.
If you want to participate please sign up for the project.

Press releases (partly):

Dytective:  Detection of Dyslexia with Linguistic Features (German Version)

Cooperation with Luz Rello.

Dytective is a web-based game that uses 17 stages with 212 exercises to detect dyslexia. The exercises exist in English and Spanish. The game can be played after a child gained readers skills. For Spanish, Dytective has an accuracy of 83% in detecting a person with dyslexia. Further information and to participated are provided in german – click here.

Luz Rello, Miguel Ballesteros, Abdullah Ali, Miquel Serra, Daniela Alarcóon, and Jeffrey P. Bigham. Dytective: Diagnosing risk of dyslexia with a game. In Proc. Pervasive Health’16, Cancun, Mexico, 2016.

Information Group: Dyslexia

screenshot-2017-01-20-11-08-55For everyone who is interested in the topic. Have dyslexia themself, knows somebody, is a parents, a child …. For people who do research on the topic. For exchanging information, asking question and be helpful to each another.

Intervention for Dyslexia

Cooperation with Luz Rello, Clara Bayarri, Silke Füchsel & Jörg Thomaschewski

Dyseggxia (Piruletras in its Spanish, English and German version) is a mobile game that helps children with dyslexia overcome Screenshot 2017-01-20 11.12.40.pngtheir reading and writing problems by the means of fun word games. All exercises in Dyseggxia have been scientifically designed to target reading and writing errors specific for dyslexic children.

German Version:

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