Call for Participants 2018

Dyslexia Research: Searching for participants

With your collaboration, you would help my research immensely. The goal of our research is to contribute to the development of support tools for dyslexia in English.

Participants play for 5-10 minutes the game DGames (see Screenshot). This game explores how children with and without dyslexia perceive musical and visual elements.

Children at the age of 7 till 12 with or without dyslexia can easily participate in this online study. Only a computer or tablet, headphones, and Internet are needed.

Please if you would like to participate – leave your contact details and I will send you the invitation. Duration only 5 – 10 Minutes.





The data for the analysis is pseudonymized. The data will not be given to a third person. By participating in this research, you agree that Universitat Pompeu Fabra will publish the study results. This includes, for example, the results of the game or the interaction with the game. Therefore the data will be first anonymized. After that, the data will be analyzed and published. Within the possibilities, the article of the analysis for the study can be sent to you via the newsletter. Your personal information will not be published. This includes for example name or Email address.


The project has been awarded with the German Reading Award 2017.

The prototype was designed with the help of five children and five parents who tested the game and the results of the usability study have been presented 2017 at the research conference Web for all (W4A) in Australia.

The previous study results will be presented this year on the Web for all (W4A) in Lyon, France.

Rauschenberger, M., Rello, L., Baeza-Yates, R., & Bigham, J. P. (2018). Towards language independent detection of dyslexia with a web-based game. In W4A ’18: The Internet of Accessible Things. Lyon, France.


Why do I do that?

bioPicMRaMy name is Maria Rauschenberger and I was detected with dyslexia in the second grade. Since then I successfully achieved my A-Level / Highschool in 2006, graduated my Bachelor of Engineering in 2010 and graduated the Master of Science in 2015. I know how hard it is and how much effort it takes to compensate dyslexia. I know personally more people who have succeeded with dyslexia and have made a success of their lives. I want this possibility for everyone with dyslexia and therefore we need early detection. I want to create support to screen children in an easy and fun way. That’s why I am investigating possibilities with new technologies to screen children. You would really help me to achieve this goal — when you take part in my online study and play the game. Thank you.